The Apollo Tattoo Studio is Inking a Legacy

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How this Artist is Developing a Vision for the Future of Body Art

In the heart of Santa Monica, California, a revolution brews.

Blue Mason is an award-winning tattoo artist and a master with ink. Since 2007, he has been honing his craft; and now he offers a huge repertoire of designs, from realism to geometric to minimalistic designs and much more. Now he prepares to rebrand his company, Los Angeles Tattoo Shop, with a new luxury initiative, The Apollo Tattoo Studio, which is in the process of launching – and it’s already poised to become the height of artistry and redefine the very essence of body art.

Tattoos, once considered the insignia of rebels and outsiders, have morphed into a widely accepted form of self-expression. But as the industry grows, there’s an emerging gap between the commonplace and the extraordinary. The Apollo Tattoo Studio seeks to fill that void, and to elevate tattooing from mere ink on skin to an experience of luxury and artistic brilliance.

A Vision of Luxury

The world of luxury is often associated with haute couture, fine wines, and grand hotels. Rarely does one juxtapose it with the buzzing of tattoo machines or the sting of a needle. Yet, this is precisely where The Apollo Tattoo Studio’s brilliance lies. “Body art should be an enduring experience,” says founder and artist Blue Mason. “My vision for Apollo is a luxury body art facility with an extravagant interior, premium services, but most importantly, an unparalleled experience for every one who walks through our doors.”

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Founder Blue Mason

Picture this: a high-end luxury studio, with hip and edgy music playing in the background; private cubicles ensuring utmost privacy, and highly skilled artists consulting one-on-one with clients, discussing both design and the story, the emotion, and the legacy behind every tattoo. The ambiance transcends comfort as clients craft memories along with their artists.

Artistic Excellence at its Core

Mason affirms that The Apollo Tattoo Studio will be committed to upholding the highest standards of artistic excellence. “We’re assembling a collection of artists handpicked from around the world, chosen for their unique talent and passion for creating stunning masterpieces on the human canvas,” he says. “We want only truly visionary tattoo artists who understand that every tattoo tells a story. Maybe it’s a tiny symbol that holds personal significance; maybe it’s a grand, intricate design covering an entire back. I’m confident that our team at Apollo will approach each with the same reverence and dedication.”

This commitment to excellence ensures that the art produced within the walls of The Apollo Tattoo Studio will be both unique and timeless. Tattoos are permanent, and Apollo understands the gravity of that permanence, so he’s building a team who will make sure that every piece is art worthy of the canvas it adorns.

The Blueprint for Expansion

“Right now we’re in the stages of launching The Apollo Tattoo Studio,” Mason explains. “Our first location will be opening in Santa Monica, and we’re currently open to partnerships and sponsors who would like to become part of this exciting strategy to redefine tattooing.”

Mason has big plans for the Apollo brand. Within the next five years, Mason plans to open two more luxury studios, transforming the trifecta into the gold standard for high-end body art. The logic is clear: Why stop at redefining luxury tattooing in one city when they can set the standard worldwide?

As he expands the business, his commitment remains consistent. Each studio, while unique in design, will uphold the brand’s core principles of luxury, artistry, and an unparalleled client experience. The Apollo Tattoo Studio doesn’t just want to be another name in the tattoo industry; they want to be the name synonymous with excellence, luxury, and unmatched creativity.

Appealing to a Modern Clientele

The tattoo industry’s dynamics are changing rapidly. As per recent data, the younger generation, especially millennial women, are leading the surge in tattoo popularity. These aren’t individuals looking for a simple inked emblem. They are searching for meaningful art, an experience, and a memory. The Apollo Tattoo Studio’s luxury vision directly appeals to this discerning clientele.

Moreover, there’s a growing trend of older individuals, those between the ages of 35 to 50, diving into the world of tattoos, often for the first time. This demographic, mature and with disposable income, seeks experiences that resonate with luxury and class. The Apollo Tattoo Studio’s approach ensures that this demographic, too, finds a haven in their studios.

A Legacy in Ink

Inking a legacy is no simple task. It requires vision, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Yet, as The Apollo Tattoo Studio’s doors prepare to open to the public, it’s evident that they are well on their way to achieving this.

Their vision for the future of body art isn’t just about tattoos; it’s about reimagining the entire experience from the moment a client steps in, to the moment they leave, proudly wearing their new piece of art. Through luxury interiors, unparalleled service, and a commitment to artistic brilliance, The Apollo Tattoo Studio is indeed crafting a legacy—one that will undoubtedly shape the future of the tattoo industry for years to come.

“Tattoos are definitely transitioning from symbols of rebellion to expressions of personal narratives,” says Mason. His company is prepared to lead the charge, to enrich the industry and help it evolve with grace, class, and an undying commitment to artistry. One can only watch with bated breath as they ink their legacy, one masterpiece at a time.

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