There's no way to sugarcoat the shocking revelation in this week's Studies in Crap postover on our Style Council blog, so I'll just state it outright.

1965's Sex and the Teen-Age Girl, by the fake-sounding Denham S. Farnsworth, claims that one in two American girls have enjoyed sexual relations with animals. And not just the puppy-going-to-town on your shoe variety.

Farnsworth offers dubious transcripts to back up his dubious facts about the doings of American teens and their animal companions. He even includes this short list of “impossible” cross-species pairings:

Female eland with ostrich

Male monkey with snake

Stallion with human female

Female chimpanzee with Siamese cat

Cow with human

That is the list in its entirety. Click on through to Studies in Crap for much more of this silliness, including many other unlikely '60s teen-girl peccadilloes!

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