Electric Daisy Carnival goes down this weekend in Las Vegas. West Coast Sound will be there providing full coverage!

But will you be there yourself? If you are, expect to hear, well, lots of songs you've heard before. In fact, whether it's Hard, Coachella, or countless other big EDM festivals, we're getting a bit tired of these moments of musical déjà vu.

Here, then, are the five most overplayed songs at festivals today:
5. Krewella

We understand why Krewella made a big splash when they came on the scene: They're the pretty girls (and one guy) who play monster dubstep.

But their original hit, “Alive” is played so often still at shows that's it's no longer nostalgic – it's boring.

4. DJ Snake and Lil Jon
“Turn Down for What”

Sure, it's cool that each verse of this DJ Snake hit is unique. But this go-to turn-up song is losing its novelty, and we're starting to get tired of Lil' Jon's one-liner.

3. Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso ft. Ryan Tedder
“Calling (Lose My Mind)”

We're happy to have heard Alesso drop his quintessential Swedish house hit, “Calling,” live. But it's overkill for every European house DJ to play it as well.   
2. Martin Garrix

This song was so good that it got Martin Garrix gigs at international festivals by the time he was 17.

But the emphasis is on was. He's finally getting noticed for more than just “Animals,” but at this point we're ready for “Animals” to go away. 

1. Tommy Trash and Sebastian Ingrosso ft. John Martin


“Reload” is a crowd pleaser. We're pretty sure it's been played in a set by every main stage DJ at some point.

But enough already. DJs, it's time to cease reloading “Reload” in your song queues. 

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