As many prepare to celebrate the 4th of July with the biggest gatherings of family and friends in over a year, we’ve got the essential cannabis-infused goods to take your BBQ to new heights.

It’s been too many months since you could get this many family and friends rocked off edibles or the heat heat. We don’t want you flying blind on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so we’ve lined up an array of cannabis products sure to get the job done. Whether you need the zip to get your uncle high enough to prove his edible resistance theory false or something to get grandma dabbling, it’s all there. But make sure you eat or smoke our picks late enough in the day to enjoy the fireworks high or what was the point of even starting America?

Here is our essential 4th of July BBQ guide for 2021.


Shrimp Chips 

Potli Cannabis-infused Spicy Shrimp Chips may be the only shrimp product Bubba missed while on the bus with Forrest Gump that day, but now we live in the future. Cannabis-infused shrimp chips are just hitting the market, so if you see anyone with them on the 4th, they must be packing a lot of clout. Nevertheless, they should be available all over L.A. soon. Right now, check Sweet Flower who looks to have got first dibs for their customers. Photo courtesy of Potli.


Vegan Canna Butter

Vegan Canna Butter from L.A.-based Simply High Extracts may be the most versatile offering we’ve put on any list to date this year. There are so many possibilities available when it’s in the mix. For the 4th, you might consider some kind of street corn to pair it with to help mask the weed flavor. We’re sure it will be an absolute hit and your vegan homies will know you put the effort in. We plan on putting it on everything and attempting to sear things on a cast iron with it. You’ll also be supporting a local social equity company with the purchase. Photo courtesy of  Simply High Extracts.



In arguably the most competitive cannabis contest of all time, Zushi took home the top honors from Greenwolf at the Zalympix, beating out some of the most respected names in high-end cannabis in the process. While the brand already carried a certain amount of mystique around its flame, the big win will only add fuel to the fire and bigger demand for the drops. Now we’re all basically on notice when it comes to Zushi from here on out. get your hands on it while you can. Find Zushi on IG @_z_u_s_h_i


Friendly Farms Gummies

We’ve gone north in the past and toured the production facility where Friendly Farms gummies are currently being pumped out of and it’s top class. There is a bit of debate at the moment over the way strain-specific edibles are marketed since it’s all generally the same party once it hits your liver. But at the very least, strain-specific edibles show the thoughtfulness that went into the manufacturing and supply chain. But it’s probably not going to make you feel like that gassy OG you remember. Regardless, it’s still a great high and BBQ option for sharing.  Photo courtesy of Friendly Farms.


Alien Labs Cartridges 

Alien Labs cartridges are likely the top of the mountain at the moment when it comes to exotic vape carts. And for those that didn’t judge us for using that phrase, you’ll be sure to enjoy one of their newest hitters with Atomic Apple and the sweet yet complex flavor profile it offers 510-threaded cartridge enthusiasts. If you get too high off of a few rips, just save the rest of it for 7/10.


Kushstock Tickets

You have 24 hours of holiday rager time before you have to rendezvous with the family? Wouldn’t want to waste that. Head on over to Kushstock in Adelanto on Saturday, July 3rd. You can stock up on the heat for when you celebrate America on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Kushstock.

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