Don’t let all the fake news about people trying to give kids free drugs on Halloween scare you away from all the awesome adult candy. 

We’ve got a list of treats to help you experience various dimensions. Whether taking some little goblins out to score different Reese’s products or just having a horror movie marathon on the couch, this lineup is sure to make the experience more memorable. 


Plus Gummies


Courtesy of Plus

You might need to be stealthy for the first chunk of your Halloween, as you hit the streets with your kid dressed like Elsa for the third consecutive year. Fear not, Plus has got you covered with a wide spread of flavors and formulations. And just in time for the holiday, Caliva and Coastal Dispensary are offering 30% off Plus gummies every day through Oct. 31.

Mary Jones

courtesy of Mary jones e1666910759769

Courtesy of Mary Jones

The cannabis-infused drink from Jones Soda Co. had a big launch in California. The company noted they were in 120 shops in the first 60 days. Certainly, a reputable showing for any new brand when it launched in June with a 10mg offering. But just in time for your haunted adventures, the company has released a new 100mg version. While it may sound like a big jump to the uninitiated, I used to tell grandmothers to take a 75mg dose a decade ago, and none ever came back and yelled at me. 


Kiva x HUF

courtesy of Kiva

Courtesy of Kiva

Kiva and HUF are teaming up for a capsule collection that includes a merch collection of limited edition T-shirts, socks, a clock and more, alongside a limited edition chew and gummy. This is the first cannabis collaboration for the legendary San Francisco skate apparel brand and they picked a solid partner in Kiva. The Lost Farm gummy line has been one of Kiva’s best launches in years and it’s cool to see a brand of note from outside of the cannabis space getting in on the action. 


Myco Bars

We’ve dabbled in quite a bit of mushroom chocolate over the last couple of years here at LA Weekly. We’ve tried the OG Grateful Dead Fam Bars, and we’ve tried a bunch of the little square ones, but none of them held a candle to Myco chocolate bars. They totally destroyed my proven festival dosage system. I would emphasize to experienced users to ease into these mushroom chocolates, 2 grams in half of a Myco Bar feels like it has four times the strength of the competition. That being said, mushrooms are a super fun Halloween activity, but not for your first time. 


Micro Dosed

Screenshot 20221027 234847

Courtesy of Micro Dosed

In the fast-growing world of microdosing psychedelics for wellness, Micro Dosed has come out with some of the nicest-looking LSD we’ve ever seen. It’s by far the most consumer packaged goods-looking LSD we’ve ever seen. And again, these are targeted at microdosing and not face melting, the whole bad is about equal to a standard dose for a 220-pound man. It’s difficult to research LSD in the U.S., so the experts say more data is needed before we have a hard answer on the subject of LSD microdosing, but many have found it to increase their quality of life. 

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