It's no news that our city is a paradise for donut junkies. With stores on almost every corner cooking up ring shaped dough, it's hard to keep up with which kitchens have the best glazed donut or apple fritters. The people at Metblogs will bring us one step closer to sifting through the city's seemingly endless supply. On June 13th, donut lovers will get a chance to sample what the donut shops of L.A. have to offer at the 2010 LA Donut Summit.

To join the picnic, you need only to come to Griffith Park with a dozen donuts from your favorite store as your admissions fee.

After rounding up everyone's edible submissions, the donuts will be pooled into what we can only imagine would be Homer Simpson's ultimate wet dream. At the end of the day, after sampling the city's many creations, people will vote on L.A.'s best donut.

You can keep up to date with the ingenious donut potluck on the event's Twitter page.

A sampling of some of the donut stores on the preliminary directory compiled by Metblogs:

Randy's Donuts (Inglewood)

Dale's Donuts (Compton)

Kindle's Donuts (Westmont)

Donut King II (Gardena)

The Donut Hole (La Puente)

The Doughn-t Hut (Burbank)

The Donut Man (Glendora)

Tasty Donuts (West Hollywood)

Bob's Coffee and Donuts (Farmer's Market)

Stan's (Westwood)

Angel Food Donuts (Long Beach)

WenDy's Donuts (Venice)

California Donuts (Mid-City)

Spudnuts (West LA)

Primo's Westdale Donuts (West LA)

Gladstone Donut House (Pasadena)

SK's Donuts (Mid-City)

King's Donuts(Alhambra)

Royal Donuts (Westchester)

Earl's Donuts (Chatsworth)

2010 Donut Summit: Sunday, June 13th, at 1 p.m. at the picnic area near the Vermont entrance of Griffith Park.

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