Back in March, shortly after the opening of British artist Simon Birch's 3-acre Lincoln Heights warehouse pop-up, the 14th Factory, we reported that the project had hit a roadblock. Following Oakland's deadly Ghost Ship fire, L.A.'s Department of Building and Safety had stopped issuing special-event permits to industrial spaces. Birch's solution was to turn the project into a “documentary about an art-production facility” rather than a special event; they began having visitors sign waivers to participate in filming.

“In some ways I’m at peace with this roadblock,” Birch said at the time. “It’s just part of the story. When things are really difficult, then you know they are worthwhile.”

Indeed. Since March, 65,000 people have visited the massive 20-artist installation, which was scheduled to close today but has now been extended through July 30, Birch announced today. He also released an exclusive time-lapse video of visitors interacting with the space, one result of the filming that's been taking place.

“In a way, it’s one cohesive story,” Birch has said of the exhibit. “Each element of the project is interconnected. It’s a bit like a movie script, and I’m very much like the director of a movie.”

Of the exhibit's 14 rooms — which depict “14 scenes in a hero's transformational journey” — the most popular (certainly the most Instagrammed) is the Barmecide Feast Room, a re-creation of the bedroom from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. If you haven't visited, you officially have another month.

The 14th Factory is open Wednesday-Sunday at 440 N. Avenue 19 in Lincoln Heights. Tickets are $18 in advance or $22 at the door.

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