The 12 Strains of Christmas is back for year two!

This holiday season, we will again rundown a dozen of the finest cannabis flowers in California. Some are widespread treasures, but there are certainly a few more exotic options for those on the hunt for the wildest of terpene profiles.

With the exception of one which will be released this month in seed form for the very first time, the rest are available to consumers around Los Angeles. 

Milky Way | Alien Labs

Alien Labs is dropping crazy new strains all the time, so you know they have to have something good cooked up for the holidays. This year it’s their Zkittlez x Wedding Cake crossbred by the hype masters over at Seed Junky. These two strains got more attention over the decade than most of their peers, and deservingly so. According to the team at Alien Labs, when done right, you can expect to get a whiff of sour milk when you pop open a jar of Milky Way. You’ll be able to find the Milky Way at a ton of L.A. shops in the months to come. Alien Labs is a must-have for any top shelf with self confidence. 

Cali Gas | Speciale

The award winners at Speciale are known for a lot, they’ve won The Emerald Cup a couple times, even sweeping the podium in the CBD category one year. But one thing they were not known for is gas. While 2017 Emerald Cup Winner Lemon Crush was certainly loaded with a limonene kick — limonene is the terpene that makes pot smell like lemons — the fuel smell is what a lot of aficionados are looking for. With Cali Gas now available at LAPCG in West Hollywood the Speciale crew joins the ranks of those providing insane kush to the Greater L.A. area.

Miracle Grow | Capulator

In a world of Chads from Brooklyn throwing their trust funds into the incinerator trying to grow pot, underground breeder Capulator is a throwback to the Golden Age of the Trap House 8-lighter. Three years ago, Cap, as he’s affectionately known as in the fammunity, released seed packs of Miracle Alien Cookies on the world at Chalice. This month he will be releasing a spread of new genetics. Among them will be Miracle Grow, which shares a dad with the now-famous MAC. Maybe a few years from now we’ll be looking back at the release of Miracle Grow on the world the same way we now look at MAC. 

Animal Mints | Seed Junky

Seed Junky makes its second appearance on The 12 Strains of Christmas with their killer Animal Mints. Of all the Kush mints crosses to surface over the last couple years, the Animal Mints has to be placed among the top of the pack. It smells like a gas station with a spice rack and peppermint sticks at the cash register. Also keep an eye for new strains with Animal Mints in their lineage, it will likely be a popular ingredient. 

Jetlato (Craig Hackey)

Jetlato | Gold Seal

Some of San Francisco’s premier exporters of fine cannabis, Gold Seal’s Jetlato is sure to be the fuel you’ll need to get through the holidays. It’s all the creaminess of Gelato with a little extra gas from the Jet Fuel. Gelato has the rare claim to taking over the game in two different cycles, when it first dropped, and then again several years later in 2017 when the #41 phenotype rose to prominence. Gelato is definitely a must try new generation of the family tree. 

Florida Fire | Jungle Boys

The Florida Fire is one of the gems from a long term OG Kush propagation project The Jungle Boys have been working on. The line is pairing a bunch of great stuff with the WiFi OG that came to fame as the Jungle Boys’ first well known selection and Chem 91. The Jungle Boys told L.A. Weekly while they can appreciate all the fun fruity terps with a side of gasoline, the real connoisseurs always find their way back to the best OGs. It’s easy to see why everyone is excited with the pairing of SFVxTK and Wifi #43 that produced Florida Fire. 

Pancakes | Cookies

A decade since the original Girl Scout Cookies dropped on the world, The Cookie Fam is as huge as ever with great pot, a ton of respected retail sites, and rapper Berner leading the public outreach effort for the empire he helped create. Pancakes brings together London Pound Cake #75 x Kush Mints #11, so it’s definitely a breakfast of champion genetics. Also keep an eye out at Cookies Maywood for their new collaboration with Arjan and the legendary breeding team at Green House Seed Co, Lemonade. Green House were basically the Lakers of cannabis genetics in the 2000s winning or placing at a ton of Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam.

Peach Ozz | Team Elite Genetics – AHHS

Team Elite Genetics is now providing a window for L.A. into some of the greatest genetic lines every to come out of the hills of Mendocino County. 3rd Gen Family and their Dying Breed Seeds offshoot have one of the biggest trophy shelves in the industry, and now you can get a piece of it thanks to Team Elite Genetics hunting down their own phenotype of Peach Ozz. The strain pairs Zkittelz cross OZ Kush with the uber delicious Peach Ringz. You can get your hands on it at AHHS in West Hollywood, also if you ever see Peach Ringz concentrates give them a smell. 

Zookies (Jimi Devine)

Ember Valley | Zookies

Ember Valley is making waves across the state and recently joined the heavy hitters on the top shelf at Toluca Lake Collective. One of the standouts for the Redding-based cultivators is the GG#4 x Animal Cookies cross Zookies which they originally acquired from breeders Alien Labs. While we’re specifically giving the Zookies some love, be sure to check out their whole lineup that includes some of our favorite versions of MAC, Sundae Driver, and Watermelon Gelato anywhere.  

Sherbinski | Sunset Sherbert

Now open in Fairfax, Mr Sherbinski will be blessing the city with one of his original creations, Sunset Sherbert. Sherbinski originally created the strain in an accident at his grandmother’s house when he left town for the weekend and a Pink Panties plant accidentally dusted the original Girl Scout Cookies cut. The rest is history, but now you can get your hands on a piece of it and the rest of the wild genetics Sherbinski has been working on in the years since that vacation. 

Hidden Hills

New Szn | Hidden Hills OG

We had to throw another solid OG on there for authenticity purposes. The folks at New Szn are certainly finding their way to some legit shelves across LA. So we reached out to get the deal on their popular Hidden Hills OG. The strain is packing over 30% total cannabinoids, so there are all kinds of things for the THC to interact with creating an entourage effect and more enjoyable experience. 

Connected | Dosilato

The Connected crew has won Cannabis Cups on multiple continents for their Gelato #41 that cycled in that second era of Gelato we mentioned before, and for their championship cross with LemonTree, Gelonade. Dosilato follows in the footsteps of its elite parents when it comes to both hype and quality. According to some insider sources, the newest runs of Dosilato about to hit L.A. are some of the best yet. You’ll be able to find it at Connected’s own shop or the various other dispensaries carrying their wares.


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