That's What She Liked: 20 Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook says: "Likes" Young Republicans; Credit: Mark "The Cobrasnake" HunterFacebook says: "Likes" Young Republicans; Credit: Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter

Ah, the new Facebook and what your “likes” say about you. As you've (hopefully) read by now, Facebook's new API turns the social networking site into a bargain bin of users' tastes to sift through, store and sell to companies like Microsoft, Yelp and Pandora. Facebook assigns marketing information to your stats, photos and any update you and your friends “like,” and then shares that info with other companies so they can target you elsewhere on the Web. One giant step for Facebook world domination, one small step for personal privacy. You are being watched. Read more in Alexia Tsotsis' “What Privacy Settings?” and click through for examples of what Facebook sees when you “like” something.

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