I woke up this morning with my cowboy boots on, laying face down fully clothed on my couch. I didn't even make it into my bedroom.You know you were at a good party when you wake up in your boots. I went to the Independent Spirit Awards party, hosted by the Independent Film Channel, last night at Shutters in Santa Monica. A gorgeous sunset threatened to steal the limelight, but Zoe Deschanel and Alessandro Nivola who were chatting on the porch didn't seem to mind. Nivola went to college with my former roommate and we had actually met once, but I couldn't bring myself to chitchat, I was too busy getting busy

with a bottle of white wine. The party spread to rooms downstairs and outside, each packed with producers, actors, and directors of all levels. Mark “the Cobrasnake” was supposed to be my photog but it was so packed I couldn't find him. He called me to tell me they wouldn't let him in. I found the lovely PR woman I had spoken to and I got him in. I bailed on the hot pants and roller skates, thinking I'd crack my head open, but Mark

brought it home in his hot pants and entourage, he brought two

waif-ish models with him, one for each arm. I love that damn cobrasnake. I took his lead and got my own arm candy. We ran into a New York friend of ours Kara (she produced The Squid and the Whale) and hobnobbed

with a variety if indie ilk. But besides me getting Cobrasnake in, the highlight of the night was talking to Jessie Eisenberg, the older brother from The Squid and the Whale. He was so cute and polite while we bombarded him with questions and

compliments. My friend Ildiko told him she loved a movie he did called Cursed. And he said, “oh you were the one who saw that?” He was so utterly adorable.

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