Something strange is happening in this city. Perhaps Halloween is to blame, already tempting L.A.'s young and/or spirited and/or musically inclined to take to the airwaves in disguise, gussied up in elaborate music videos and anonymously authored tunes as it were. Or maybe it's all clever marketing tactics — you know, “making music incognito” is the new “interrupting Taylor Swift at awards shows.” Of course, could be the artists are embarrassed about what they're doing.

The latter is surely not the case for local ABBA-loving supergroup Music Go Music (West Coast Sound killed the fun–err, blew the lid off their membership about a month ago), who've just released a new semi-live music video via their fake variety show, Face Time.

But what about the masked emcee featured in Steve Aoki's new video for “I'm In The House,” the first single from the Benihana-ficiary's pending “artist album” debut. Clearly [[[Zuper Blahq]]] is none other than, but can you blame a Black Eyed Pea for trying? (Aoki is, after all, the reason for the “and/or musically inclined” above.)

And now there's Jump Clubb, “an anonymous band from Beverly Hills” who are supposed to remind us of “LCD Soundsystem meets Beat Happening.” That comparison may be asking a lot, but James Murphy did spend some time seeding his influence around the West Side recently. Not sure if the music has much of an identity either, however.

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