Thai Food With a Side of Schooling at Pok Pok in Chinatown

Phat Hoi LaaiPhat Hoi LaaiPhat Hoi LaaiPhat Hoi LaaiCitrus peel for cocktailsPhat Hoi LaaiThe dining room and kitchen entrancePhat Hoi LaaiMuu Paa Kham WaanPhat Hoi LaaiIced mustard greens for the Muu Paa Kham WaanPhat Hoi LaaiHoi ThawtPhat Hoi LaaiKhao SoiPhat Hoi LaaiKung Op Wun SenPhat Hoi LaaiYam Makheua YaoPhat Hoi LaaiLaap Pet IsaanPhat Hoi LaaiKai Yaang (whole bird)Phat Hoi LaaiBar artPhat Hoi Laai“Eat wellPhat Hoi LaaiBe well”Phat Hoi LaaiDining roomPhat Hoi LaaiA Bia Wun for making Jelly BeerPhat Hoi LaaiDinersPhat Hoi LaaiAt the front doorPhat Hoi LaaiExteriorPhat Hoi Laai

Andy Ricker brought his lauded restaurant Pok Pok to L.A., but does it translate? Read the L.A. Weekly review herePhotos by Anne Fishbein