A beauty specialist in Bangkok holds the painful key to bigger breasts and it's all in her hands.

Khemmikka Na Songkhla is the go-to-gal for women looking to boost their mammary areas without surgery or invasive techniques. But don't think you're getting away with a budget boob job – her chest slapping costs a pretty penny, though you can put down around $100,000 to learn the skills yourself. If you want.

Slap, tap, hit, hurt (we imagine), knead, fondle, squeeze and squish. Songkhla's technique resembles the slapping fights common between 5-year-old siblings quarreling over who gets the last piece of peanut brittle. But close your eyes and you might think you're listening to some kind of South American percussion circle.

The Thai Health Ministry even swooped in to make sure this semi-violent technique doesn't cause future lower back problems, and they found some of the breasts they examined truly grew a cup size or three following Songkhla's abuse.

We imagine the body's natural reaction to repeated physical contact (aka swelling) might have something to do with the growth, but we're just being skeptical A-cups.

See the magic for yourself at OddityCentral, and thanks to our main hos at DListed and TheFrisky for the tip.

P.S. Songkhla also does full-body slapping, including the butt, stomach and face. To keep everything toned, taught and beautifully bruised.

You can thank us later.

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