On Fridays, pupusas are 99 cents at Golfo de Fonseca, and the place fills up by late morning, with a pupusa on every plate.

This small Salvadoran café is in a Latino shopping district on West 6th Street. As people drop in, you can hear the masa being patted into circles for each order. The 99-cent special includes any filling, even loroco and cheese, which is normally $1.85. Others are revuelta (pork and beans), chicharron (pork), beans and cheese, plain cheese and plain beans, all $1.60 on other days.

The golden brown masa cakes, sometimes spilling savory tasting, chewy, grilled cheese, come with curtido (spicy cabbage and carrot relish) and a squeeze bottle of thin hot sauce.

If you're after heartier fare, there's another Friday special, guisado de pollo (stewed chicken) for $4.99.

And if you're heartbroken because you missed last Friday's bargain, or can't make it to 6th street this Friday, there's good news. On Mondays, pupusas are also 99 cents. The other Monday special is sopa de pollo (chicken soup), perfect for L.A.'s chilly weather.

Golfo de Fonseca: 1618 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles; (213) 483-7245.

the sign at Golfo de Fonseca; Credit: B. Hansen

the sign at Golfo de Fonseca; Credit: B. Hansen

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