That idiot with the cellphone to his ear slowly cutting across three lanes of traffic to make the turn he missed? Turns out you hate him as much as we do.

California drivers named talking on cellphones one of the “biggest safety problems” they face on the road today.

That's according to the second-annual Statewide Traffic Safety Survey by the California Office of Traffic Safety (there's a California Office of Traffic Safety?).

Anyway, not only was yapping on the phone a top pick as a safety problem (by one out of five of you), it was also named “the most serious distraction” by 56 percent of those polled.

The survey of 1,801 adult drivers was taken at gas stations across the Golden State. So you know the first answer was, “No thanks, my windows are clean.”

But seriously, the second pick for safety problems was texting on the road (18 percent of you chose that one).

At the same time only 1 in 10 of you admitted to being a total a-hole regularly talking with the cellphone to your ear while driving. We suspect that figure is low.

Only 6 percent of you admitted to being a hot chick in a Mini regularly texting while driving.

Read more here (PDF).

LA Weekly