If you're a transplant, as many of us are, then you probably miss the food of your home. If you're a Texan, there are quite a few attempts out there to meet your homesick food needs, many of them having to do with smoked meats. But until now, it's been incredibly hard in L.A. to find one of Texas' most comforting examples of regional cooking: the Texas breakfast taco. 

That's where HomeState comes in, and its introduction of the breakfast taco to East Hollywood got our interest enough to make it the subject of this week's restaurant review. While breakfast tacos might be HomeState's greatest contribution to the plight of the homesick Texans in our midst, it's hardly the only one: They also serve migas, Frito pie in a bag, colaches and Austin-roasted coffee. 
Off to HomeState I went, Texan friend in tow, to see if the restaurant could provide the kind of relief we all seek when eating for nostalgic reasons. Did the breakfast tacos do it for her? And for the rest of us, is it worth a trip to HomeState, even if breakfast tacos were never a part of our eating life in the past? You'll have to read the review to find out. 

Incidentally, HomeState will be visiting Silver Lake Wine this Sunday, Jan. 19 at 3 p.m. for a food and wine pairing. Guacamole, Frito pie, brisket sandwiches and more will be served, along with a roster of American wines. The event costs $20, and reservations are required. Call 323-662-9024 if you'd like to go.

And read the full review of HomeState here.  

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