Tetris World Championship

Credit: Ivan FernandezCredit: Ivan Fernandez

The Second Annual Tetris World Championship returned to L.A. on Sunday, October 16. Just like last year, hundreds of competitors battled head-to-head in order to be crowned the Tetris World Champion. The event was held at USC's Bovard Auditorium where returning champ Jonas Neubauer of Redondo Beach defended his title successfully in the NES tournament. John Tran won the Playstation Network (PSN) Solo title while he and Roger Teng won the PSN Team title as Team Hard Drop. Daniel Anderson of Sherman Oaks was crowned Tetris Champion in the tournament for the company's new tabletop game, Tetris Link.

“It�s been incredibly exciting to see our new and old fans of all ages and backgrounds come together for a live tournament,” said Henk Rogers, Managing Director of The Tetris Company. “It�s part of our vision that people all over the world can create a new world fabric of �likeness,� all connected by the universal language of the Tetris game.”

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