Oh sweet Jesus, what is this? Some guy in Australia has been making Christmas trees out of Tesla coils. Granted, what I know about electricity is not a lot. But isn't Australia flammable? The guy's name is Peter, and he is a fiftyish year old physics drop-out. He says on his website: “This year I plan to do another Xmas tree based on the success of the one two years ago in 2007. I plan to make it bigger and more spectacular and I will use a different technique. I will still use a long exposure and a rotating colored filter but the tree shape will be outlined by sparks from a rotating rod on top of the Tesla coil. This gives the “Eye of Sauron” effect.”

Australia, if you are wondering where all your electricity is going, you might want to talk to this guy.

The best thing about this photo is the guy (Peter presumably) standing in the back. Notice the umbrella. Is it raining? While the electricity is on? If it is not raining, then what the…?

Peter's other possibilities for 2009:

And this is his Tesla tree from 2007:

LA Weekly