Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Premier

Read the entire article here.; Credit: Photo by Gendy Alimurung">Terminator chic (or chicks).Terminator chic (or chicks). The evening manifests all the traditional elements of the Hollywood premiere screening, postparty, red-carpet affair. The pretty PR girls, perfectly coifed and razor-thin in their black skirts and pointy black heels, their expensive black-leather tasseled bags tucked like lambs under their arms. The rabid fans trying to conceal their rabidity, ineffectually attempting to blend in. The producer types reading copies of Variety, looking bored and important at the same time. The beefy, suited security guards for hire muttering ominously into earpieces. The tabloid-talk-show hosts waiting for actors to give the same answers to the same questions they've been asked a million times. The annoying reporters (that's me) and photographers. Read the entire article here.; Credit: Photo by Gendy Alimurung
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