Tennis System Sees Yeezus: Matty Taylor of L.A. indie band Tennis System told us about his Kanye experience.

Matty Taylor: I’ve been going to shows since I was 9 years old. If my older brother wasn’t sneaking me out of our house, my mom would set it up for me to be able to attend. She was a liquor wholesaler in DC and had connections at the venues in the city. DC in the 90’s had some of the best shows and festivals. If it wasn’t the WHFStival, I was at Black Cat or Fort Reno. I saw Polvo, Fugazi, Sebadoh, Lilys and The Make-Up to name a few. Those festivals and shows were amazing and hold a spot high in my memories museum.

But nothing has topped seeing Kanye West on the Yeezus tour. It didn’t hurt to have Kendrick Lamar opening, but Kanye held no punches. The stage set-up was insane. He built a fucking mountain that he would occasionally climb, he had snow fall on “Coldest Winter,” and the lighting was insane. The way he intertwined high fashion in with street fashion was so sick. He wore a different Margiela mask for each song. We didn’t even see his face until the end of the set, which built this crazy tension. I kept questioning if it was actually him!? It was just the most insane mix of everything I love about art mixing fashion and music and performance.

Tennis System Sees Yeezus: The “Truth Hurts” single is out now, and the Autophobia album is out in the summer.

LA Weekly