Ten Influential Coaching & Consulting Leaders

The year 2022 has seen a surge in demand for coaches and consultants across various industries. As businesses and individuals navigate unprecedented challenges and changes, these professionals have become essential in helping clients achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

These coaches and consultants have not only helped individuals and businesses achieve their goals, but they have also played a significant role in shaping the broader cultural conversation around leadership, personal growth, and emotional intelligence.

As we continue to face new challenges and opportunities, the insights and guidance provided by these coaches and consultants will be essential in helping us navigate a rapidly changing world.

#1 Ty Givens

Ty Givens, founder and CEO of CX Collective (formerly known as The Workforce Pro), is a leading expert in the field of customer experience. With a background in building scalable CX Teams from the ground up, Ty has played an integral role in the global success of several companies, including Shoedazzle, The Honey Pot Co, Thrive Causemetics, The Detox Market, and Ilia Beauty. In 2016, she started a company called The workforce Pro Inc which now operates as CX Collective, based in Los Angeles, CA. It was a rocky start, but Ty has learned that no matter how good a product or service is, it has no value in front of the wrong audience.

CX Collective is a team of experts that specializes in building and transforming customer experience for companies of various stages. The company has a hands-on approach to building customer experience, working closely with their clients to develop and implement strategies that are tailored to their specific needs. This approach has led to the company being named one of the top B2B firms by Clutch for the past 3 years.

Despite the challenges which include some businesses undervaluing and underfunding CX functions.  CX Collective, comes as a team to help companies see the value in creating efficient standard operating procedures (SOPs), configuring systems, and developing training programs.. To overcome this, he focuses on seeking out funded, stealth startups and transforming businesses that will find value in their services.

Ty is aiming for CX Collective to become the go-to for startups who will scale and that the company becomes a hub of learning for other CX leaders. Ty Givens and CX Collective are a force to be reckoned with in the world of customer experience, and with their innovative approach and proven track record of success, they are sure to continue to make a significant impact in the industry.

#2 Danny Leonard

Danny Leonard is the Co-Founder of Ramped, a mission-driven technology company that is revolutionizing the job search. An entrepreneur with over a dozen years of experience building revenue teams for growth companies, Danny graduated from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business with a BBA in Finance and is a proud husband and dad of two boys. Danny has a wealth of experience building Go-To-Market teams, advising innovative startups, and angel investing in world-class companies. Early in his career, he was a top-5 seller at Groupon.

Danny is a principled leader who encourages others to learn from the best around them, fail as many times as they can, always raise their hand, and embrace the fun and humor in their journey.

Danny views Ramped as a pioneer in the next wave of talent-focused companies, positively impacting millions of job-seekers and helping folks become better versions of themselves.

#3 Kyle Vamvouris

Kyle Vamvouris is the CEO of Vouris, a sales consulting company that helps software and service companies build data-driven sales teams and processes. Kyle’s journey to become a sales consultant started as an unexpected detour from his original dream of becoming a standup comedian. After stumbling into a sales job, Kyle quickly fell in love with the industry and moved up the ranks at a rapid pace.

Kyle has extensive experience in sales, having led sales teams at a global SaaS company and a fintech startup in San Francisco. He is also the best-selling author of “Cold to Committed” and a coauthor of “The Sales Development Framework”. He was recognized as a top SDR leader by insidesales.com in 2017 and is a sought-after keynote speaker in the sales industry.

Kyle’s approach to sales is data-first, using data to identify bottlenecks holding sales teams back and creating strong systems and methodologies to optimize the sales process. He has worked with over 45 companies, helping them see an average 120% increase in revenue and a 3x increase in pipeline.

Kyle’s ultimate goal for Vouris is to build the best B2B sales education company in the world, internationally recognized as the go-to place for founders to learn how to build world-class organizations.

Kyle is passionate about helping companies achieve their growth potential and is always looking for ways to help others succeed in sales. To connect with Kyle, visit Vouris.com or find him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylevamvouris/.

#4 Gary Brown

Gary Brown is the CEO and Owner of Talent Dynamics, a company that has been in business for over 25 years. With a background in the television news industry for almost 30 years, Gary has won several awards at the local level. He and his business partner, Patrick McCreery purchased Talent Dynamics in June of 2022, and since then they have been investing in the business to grow it and better serve their customers.

Gary faced the challenge of personal reinvention when the media company he was a senior executive with was sold at the end of 2021. After much exploration, he found his next step by purchasing Talent Dynamics, which was not something he was expecting but always wanted to own his own business.

Gary believes in never giving up and encourages others to follow the same principle. He knows that answers aren’t always readily available, especially for those in leadership positions. He considers the journey of figuring out what’s next to be an ongoing process.

In the coming years, Gary and Talent Dynamics want to grow their executive and talent coaching practice. They believe they have room to grow and aim to get back to a point where they have to add more coaches to handle all the business they have

#5 Adam Giery

Adam Giery is an entrepreneur, investor, and executive committed to advancing students’ lives. As the Managing Partner of Strategos Group, a national education management consultancy, he’s transformed the organization into one of the most sought-after advisory firms in the $7-trillion-dollar global education market. Strategos group is on a mission to scale organizations committed to advancing students’ health & educational outcomes.

Giery advises Fortune 500 companies, EdTech startups, Private Equity, and philanthropic organizations on strategic growth initiatives. His experience as a former classroom teacher provides a unique perspective for driving education innovations with practical applications.

Giery’s passion for education is rooted in his experience as a student struggling to escape an early label of underachievement. Yet educators altered the trajectory of his life, powering his passion for education today.

Giery hosts the Capital Class podcast, sharing candid conversations about the journey of constructing an enterprise, interviewing some of LA’s notable entrepreneurs, Loren Brill of Sweet Loren’s cookies and Christiane Maertens of DoGoodery. Giery believes in the power of sharing ideas and recently hosted TEDx South Howard Avenue (Tampa, FL).

As an impact investor and entrepreneur, Giery advises private equity and venture capitalists across industry sectors and serves on several boards of directors of private and national nonprofits, including the Early Learning Coalition and Super Bowl LV Legacy Committee. Despite his professional endeavors, Giery views himself as a husband and father above all else; however, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying big laughs, great wine, and playing golf.

#6 Traci Weiss

Traci Weiss is the Founder of Sea Change Collective, a consulting business that helps organizations improve employee engagement and manage change through focusing on wellbeing. After spending 13 years as a freelance consultant, Traci moved into a global role within a large organization and discovered the importance of wellbeing in managing change and improving employee engagement.

Traci has seen a disconnect between what Senior Leaders believe and what employees think, feel, and do especially when it relates to wellbeing. Her team takes a listening first approach to find out what people value and need, leading to quick wins that improve wellbeing and increase engagement. Traci believes that wellness should not be a privilege but a basic right given to all. Organizations are uniquely positioned to make a positive difference for their people, which will in turn benefit their business.

Traci has had many notable career highlights, including volunteering as a Board Member and Vice President of Enrichment for the Bird Rock Foundation and supporting the San Diego Unified School District in moving to online learning at the beginning of COVID. She has also been recognized for her work, including a CLO Trailblazer Award for innovative design and being nominated for a Make A Difference Award for redesigning her previous company’s cultural onboarding program.

#7 Spitz Solutions

Spitz Solutions is a public relations consulting company that offers pay-on-completion services to turn entrepreneurs and individuals into thought leaders and celebrities. The company’s approach involves a focus on lead generation and securing coverage in online publications, live TV interviews, and podcasts. The company’s clients have praised its quick turnaround times, effective communication, and ability to secure coverage in elite publications.

The benefits of media coverage for Spitz Solutions’ clients include improved search engine rankings, increased conversion rates, greater inbound traffic, and enhanced trust in non-referral leads. The company measures campaign success based on increased meetings booked, inbound organic traffic, branded searches, leads generated, and reduced bounce rate.

Spitz Solutions offers customizable plans that cater to clients’ goals, needs, and budgets. The company does not lock clients into long-term contracts and guarantees placement within 30 days or less. The first campaign is pay-per-feature, and subsequent plans can be monthly or quarterly with cancellation options.

Spitz Solutions’ approach to PR has been successful in helping clients increase revenue by gaining exposure in major media outlets, establishing them as authorities, and ultimately increasing revenue.

#8 Nulite

Nulite Enterprises is a renowned crypto marketing consultancy that specializes in providing a range of digital marketing services to help cryptocurrency and blockchain-related businesses reach their target audiences effectively. They have built a reputation as a top-quality consultancy that delivers results, and their mission is to bring light to all things digital.

One of the areas in which Nulite Enterprises excels is target marketing. They understand the importance of identifying and reaching a specific audience in the cryptocurrency industry, and they employ various strategies to ensure that their clients’ brands are visible to the right people. By using advanced analytical tools and techniques, Nulite Enterprises can identify the most effective ways to target a particular audience.

Another service provided by Nulite Enterprises is social media management. Social media platforms are powerful tools that can help businesses engage with their audiences and promote their brands. Nulite Enterprises leverages the latest social media trends and techniques to manage their clients’ social media profiles, create engaging content, and interact with their followers. They also provide regular reports and analytics to help their clients understand the impact of their social media efforts.

Nulite Enterprises is a top crypto marketing consultancy that provides a range of services to help businesses in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries reach their target audiences. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to delivering results, Nulite Enterprises is a reliable partner for any business looking to elevate their digital marketing efforts.

#9 Abraham Shalby

Shortformhero.com is a company that provides proven strategies for growing social media following on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They offer a simple three-step process: strategy, editing, and results. The company saves clients time and money by editing their already recorded content into engaging clips that generate real, tangible results. Shortformhero.com has experience working with all types of creators and industries, including podcasters, YouTubers, coaches, consultants, creative agencies, marketing agencies, insurance agencies, authors, tech companies, live streamers, and more.

Abraham Shalby is the founder of Shortformhero.com. There are no long-term contracts as all plans are month-to-month, and the company is confident that clients will see how simple and effective their services are. The turnaround time for editing and curating clips is up to two weeks, but the company aims to get it back to clients within three to five days. Clients can book a free discovery call to find out if the company is a good fit for their brand.

#10 Yasser Mansi

Yasser Mansi is a highly-regarded business consultant and the founder of Divocate, a consulting firm that focuses on providing assistance to startup founders in obtaining funding for their ideas. With over ten years of experience in management consulting, Yasser and the team at Divocate possess the necessary knowledge and skills to aid entrepreneurs in areas such as startup fundraising and investment materials, commercial due diligence, business planning, market expansion, and related endeavors.

As a founder and Middle East corporate lawyer, Mansi possesses a wealth of experience working with angel investors and international companies in high-growth markets. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) from Northeastern University School of Law. This international experience has enabled him to establish a robust network of investors and professional advisors and provided him with a thorough understanding of the factors investors consider when evaluating potential investments. This knowledge is utilized to aid companies in their fundraising efforts.

Divocate’s approach to fundraising is tailored to the startup’s specific industry or product, and they help the startup to build a strong team and demonstrate the ability to execute on their business plan. They also advise startups on the best way to use available resources and tools to achieve traction and create a viable business model.

Entrepreneurs and startups can benefit from Mansi’s expertise by staying informed about the latest industry trends and regulations, developing a comprehensive business plan, and effectively communicating their unique value proposition to potential investors.

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