As you shop for a warm, cuddly card for Mama this week, a pro-marijuana group wants you to consider sending her a special message on Mother's Day: Pot is good.

That's right, the Women's Marijuana Movement is asking people to remind mom that pot “is no different than alcohol — except that it is less harmful,” according to a statement on the group's site. They even had an e-card with a link to the e-book Marijuana Is Safer.

We don't know about you, but sharing thoughts about a psychoactive drug with our maternal loved ones isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of ways to celebrate Mother's Day Sunday.

Then again, this being L.A., where medical marijuana has been not only legal but arguably rampant, it's likely more than a few moms could be telling their adult children about the wonders of weed. After all, didn't the baby boomers invent this stuff? A Hallmark card with a joint inside won't be giving them anything they haven't seen before.

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