Brooklyn band Telepathe, which performs tonight (Saturday) night at the Smell on a great bill with LAers Abe Vigoda, Nite Jewel and Blue Jungle, just released their Dave Sitek-produced new record, Dance Mother, on the LA label IAMSOUND. They're also spinning at the Standard this afternoon as part of an IAMSOUND/Mad Decent pool party.

Telepathe spoke to West Coast Sound in anticipation of the gig.

West Coast Sound: Telepathe has gone through a couple lineups. How long have you guys
 been a band and how many members have come and gone? What made you
realize that you had finally reached a harmonious place?

Telepathe has been a band for five years. For a long time we were working with a rotating cast of collaborators including vocalist Shannon Funchess, visual artist Gloria Maximo, and guitarist Ryan lucero who played with us the longest. We have so many talented friends and love bringing new energy into the band. But since we released our record we wanted to keep things streamlined for all of the touring we are doing so we decided to be a duo live.

What bands were you guys in before? How did you meet?

Before Telepathe started we were in a band together called Wikkid.  We
met through our mutual friend, Emily Powers, who we had both been
talking to about playing music. Soon after we were all playing together as Wikkid. That band ended after two years at which point Melissa and I formed Telepathe. Around 
the same time, Melissa started playing in another band called First 
Nation, which became Rings. I also joined a band named Bloodlines.
 Melissa and I eventually left the other bands to focus on Telepathe.

Busy, you are from Los Angeles, what is the biggest difference that
 you see in the two cities in terms of a music community? Do you 
think stereotypes about both places are solid or blown out of 

Hmm. It's hard to compare the two scenes musically since we feel at
 home in both of them.  From visiting LA and playing there a few times 
we've gotten to know so many LA bands in the “Smell scene”  Like Abe 
Vigoda, No Age, Dave Stone, Skull Skull, Mika Miko and Nite Jewel who we're on tour with now!  Climate and access to 
space can shape music making and after being cooped up in new York for 
so long we definitely prefer LA. That's why we're moving there! We 
don't pay too much attention to the stereotypes… We can't wait to
 surf and make music in the same day..

What's it been like traveling on the road with No Age? What's a good story?

We had a blast playing with No Age in Japan!  We went out to karaoke 
bars practically every night we were there.  We thought we were hot shit singing our
 favorite Ace of Base and Nirvana songs until this Japanese promoter we
 were with blew us out of the water with his performance of “Purple

Top three bands everyone needs to know about right now?

Salem, Light Asylum, Silk Flowers. All based in New York.

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