We're glad a new generation of Southern Californians has discovered fresh ways of going green. In Orange County, a group of teens has been spotted surfing discarded Christmas trees — tying them up to the back of a vehicle while one of the brave ones sits or stand on it as the driver guns it. We doubt this is true to the “go big” spirit of real surfing, but you have to give the teens credit for going green in a ballsy way.

In San Clemente over the holiday weekend an 18-year-old was injured after he wiped out, slamming into a parked car during a tree-surf session. The driver apparently made a turn, but the tree did not. KTLA News reports that the driver fled on foot and the victim was taken to Mission Hospital with head injuries. Ouch, dude.

Authorities say three witnesses, two who had been in the vehicle and one who had also been riding the wild trees, could not or would not identify the female driver. The incident is being investigated as a felony hit-and-run crime, according to the Orange County Register.

The paper points to video of Christmas-tree surfing, here.

LA Weekly