It was one almighty party. There was music, vandalism and even a rare backyard snow leopard. Officials called it a “rave.”

But in the end 16 teenagers were arrested for alleged massive party fouls, including breaking into the La Habra Heights mansion where the shindig was held, committing $1 million worth of theft and damage, and stealing said snow leopard.

Cops make it sound like a scene from The Hangover.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department said in a statement that the historic partay in the 1700 Block of Chota Road went down on a Saturday — Nov. 23 — and lasted until at least 9 a.m. the next morning.


About 100 attendees showed up after the event was publicized on social media sites, cops said.

Unfortunately, the nice casa with the pool and the leopard didn't belong to the organizers, detectives allege.

And neither did the Italian suits, artwork and electronics that cops say were stolen from the place. On top of that, the kids did some vandalism, too, according to the department.

All in all they committed $1 million worth of thievery and damage, deputies said.

Investigators stayed on the case for two weeks, obtained warrants, recovered the stolen goods — including said leopard — and arrested all those teens, the Sheriff's Department announced this week.

Credit: LASD

Credit: LASD

It was such a juicy story that Sheriff Lee Baca, the subject of intense scrutiny following federal indictments for 18 of his deputies this week, found the time to hold a press conference about the party.

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Three of the suspects were identified as Nickolas Koontz of La Habra Heights, Kevin Larios of La Habra and Andres Uribe of La Habra. Those alleged party people are all 18, according to sheriff's officials.

Thirteen others, who were 15-to-17 years old, were not ID'd because they're underage. The suspects were booked on suspicion of including burglary, grand theft and trespassing, cops said.

Clearly it was a historic party, one these kids will be talking about for a long time. Worth jail, though? If you end up in jail after a party, you're doing it wrong.

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