Four teenage boys were in hot water this week after 'sexting' between the high school students led to the posting of sexually explicit photos of underage girls on a Yahoo message board, authorities said.

The foursome, comprised of15-year-old students at Yucaipa High School in San Bernardino County, were cited with sexually exploiting a minor, a possible felony, and misdemeanor possession of sexual images of a minor, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

The revelation topped some of Wednesday night's television news programs. San Bernardino County sheriff's officials say some of the girls in the photos had phone-texted the images among themselves but that the pictures were leaked to at least one of the boys and they spread, ending up online.

The images — one appears to show, for example, a girl pulling up her top — were subsequently taken down from the Yahoo page.

Authorities say the girls were not coerced and posed voluntarily. One of the boys apparently compiled and then posted the photos. The others appeared to help pass them along.

The names of the suspects were not releases because they are minors.

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