Experience doesn't always pay off in the game of love.

According to a recent study women who had their first sexual experiences as underage teens were more likely to also experience … divorce. (So, ah, that marriage between a 51-year-old actor and a 16-year-old girl we told you about? … Yeah).

According to the Journal of Marriage and Family it gets worse for the love lives of adult women who learned about the birds and bees in felonious way while underage:

A first sexual experience that was unwanted or not completely wanted was strongly associated with divorce. If the young woman chose to lose her virginity as a teen, the results were more nuanced.

The numbers:

-Nearly one in three women who had sex for the first time before 16 divorced within five years.

-Nearly half divorced within 10 years.

-Those who waited until they were 16 or older had a 15 percent divorce rate within five years of marriage and a 27 percent rate of matrimonial failure within 10 years.

And yeah, women who had more experience … had more experience: 31 percent of women who had underage sex ended up having multiple partners; only 24 percent of those who waited had multiple parnters.

Finally … wait for it … one in four women who had sex as underage teens ended up pregnant before they were married. One one in ten of those who waited ended up pregnant and unmarried.

Conclusion: Sex is bad for girls, but better for women. (Something we kind of already knew).


LA Weekly