After a 16-year-old allegedly threatened to gun down a teacher and two fellow students at his Catholic high school in Sherman Oaks the District Attorney's Office yesterday declined to file charges.

But the kid's not out of the woods yet. Police told L.A. Weekly that detectives are still investigating and will resubmit their case to the D.A.'s Office for its consideration.

Here's what allegedly went down:

On Friday the suspect was allegedly heard saying on campus that he wanted to shoot a teacher and two fellow students at Notre Dame High School, administrators said. The $12,200-a-year private school says in a statement posted on its website:

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The student in question is no longer a student at Notre Dame. We put out an announcement to our students and parents about the incident so that everyone would know that the safety of our students was never in question. Given other tragic incidents that have occurred around the country, we are pleased that this has ended without anyone getting hurt.

Cops arrested him Friday on suspicion of making terrorist threats and released him yesterday to the custody of his father, LAPD Officer Wendy Reyes told us.

On Monday they served a search warrant on the boy's home and found a gun locked up in a safe, she said. Detectives also took his computer.

The investigators' case was sent to the D.A. but was rejected as a result of “insufficient evidence” yesterday, Reyes said.

But, she said, they're going to try again. Obviously cops think the boy's threats were real.

Capt. Paul Snell, commanding officer of the LAPD's Van Nuys Station, told the L.A. Daily News, which broke the story of the campus threat, that the teen was dealing with medical issues and that he was despondent over the death of his grandmother.

The paper also reported that he might have been mad at a teacher over … grades.

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