Is this Auger making this insane mess? It's one of the most unsettling new pieces I've seen, which makes me think it's life-span will be short – and that it's probably Auger, who seems to be the horror-movie maestro of graffiti art at the moment.

Update, April 16: I noticed this morning that a big part of the grraffiti in this lot has already been painted over. I was unfortunately right on that part.

The phrase “Taste Like Gold” shows up a few times in the area, as does “Wut Up Kermit!” This is on Hollywood Blvd., near the offramp of the 101.

All photos by Mark Mauer. More after the jump.

I'm not sure if the little Satanic circle back there is part of this or not.

This one is not part of the piece, but it's been up in this area for a long time and is falling apart really nicely.

All photos by Mark Mauer.

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