Tarla Makaeff: How the Copy Queen Transformed from Orphan to Social Star

Tarla Makaeff is the newest success story of 2022, turning her heartbreak and loss into triumph not only because of her passion for what she does, but also as a lifeline. Makaeff lost her father before she can remember, and her mother in 2014. Now, she empowers women to succeed in the online business space — specifically social media and copywriting — with her Social Star and Direct Response Launch courses.

Makaeff isn’t shy about sharing how dark her life became when she lost her mother, a frankness many are grateful for as we struggle through uncertain times. Her mode of operation now is self-love and supporting and uplifting others as a way to spread positivity regardless of painful setbacks.

“Everything changes after you lose your parents; life is short,” Makaeff told us. “Looking back, my career, while extremely lucrative, had been about trading time for money. I wanted to do something that really mattered and could change the world. I didn’t feel like I was achieving impact and change with copywriting alone.”

Beginning Anew

At first, Makaeff relied on Pilates, yoga, and her fashion and beauty hobbies to self-soothe. Eventually these pursuits led her to business opportunities in the online beauty space, and she forged ahead with fervor.

During COVID-19, Makaeff created her first course over the span of eight months. It would become her signature course, and, inspired by how she was helping other women, she created even more content that is yet to be released.

Now, she is known as the Copy Queen and has over ten years of copywriting and email marketing experience as a 7-figure revenue copywriter.

What Her Courses Offer

Social Star and Direct Response Launch are the flagship courses that will precede many more from this fierce businesswoman. The two classes focus on online business, copywriting, direct response, email marketing, funnels, social media, digital product creation, and superior power mindset coaching. Makaeff strives to teach others how to succeed the way she did.

“I have bundles of content coming!” she told us. “And I am so excited to share what I know so women can lift each other up, go after their wildest dreams, and become forces in this world! I’ve never worked so hard in my life — I am so proud of what I have accomplished.”

Her courses are open to the ‘30-somethings of the world,’ the millennials who feel they are destined for more with their personal and career paths. She wants to inspire others to fulfill their purpose by creating businesses about which they are passionate.

“I want to empower women like me who have felt lost or like they don’t have a home,” Makaeff said. “We can create homes within ourselves, we can be heart-centered and feminine but also driven and successful business women all at the same time. We can live fully expressed lives by tapping into our unique essences and owning our truth.”

Direct Response Launch teaches her students, among many other advanced topics, how to write copy that connects and converts.

“Copywriting is the foundation of every business and all marketing online,” Makaeff said. “Without it, you can’t convert your target audience into customers. People buy what they want, not what they need. I want to teach other women how to tap into that fact.”

In the Social Star course, Makaeff teaches clients how to start a business whether they are completely new to entrepreneurship or seasoned business owners looking for a skillset update, including a special focus on creating and selling their first online offer. What Makaeff has to say about social media already has us curious to learn more:

“Most people don’t realize this, but you don’t start with social media — you end with it,” she explained. “There are processes that work or processes that will get you close — I teach the former. I can get you there.”

Makaeff is realistic with her students: Social media and online course content success have a bit of luck involved that cannot be controlled.

“Online business is challenging and will require perseverance. There are no guarantees. Not everyone is going to have a substantial following or become huge overnight, but you can still make a significant impact and have a thriving business” she said. “I firmly believe with massive, consistent action, if you don’t give up, you will eventually find your way.”

Additionally, Social Star features a self coaching element centering around mindset. You cannot run a successful venture without a success-driven mindset, and Makaeff knows that starts with your most basic emotions and feelings. The old adage, ‘You can’t be loved by someone else unless you love yourself,’ rings true in the business world: ‘You can’t run a successful business unless you believe in your own success.’ To take it one step further, Makaeff believes that paying it forward and helping others is one of the best ways to increase your own mental strength.

“No matter who you are on social media, you have a platform. It is your responsibility to help people beyond business. Being open about my depression and anxiety struggles, even if it saves just one life, is worth being transparent to me,” she continued.

Makaeff uses her personal struggles with the loss of her mother as a springboard for what she teaches, how hard she works, and to inspire others that no matter their trials and tribulations they can not only survive but thrive too.

About Tarla Makaeff

Tarla Makaeff, The Copy Queen and Founder of the Iconic Copy Course is bringing her vast experience as a 7-figure copywriter to help others learn how to craft their strategy and messaging for ultimate growth. Leveraging her decade plus of agency and freelance copywriting experience, Makaeff is helping hundreds of creative, heart centered female entrepreneurs start their purpose-filled businesses online and grow their brands with copy that converts. To learn more, visit www.tarlamakaeff.com.

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