With financial storms battering dance companies and other performing-arts organizations, the 10th anniversary of Regina Klenjoski Dance Company is a benchmark of survival and a hopeful spot on the horizon. Over the past decade, Klenjoski has made a mark for her thoughtful, contemporary choreography, as well as deep involvement in arts education in the South Bay and establishing the annual SOLA Contemporary Dance Festival. Perhaps because of the demise of so many performing-arts endeavors over the past year, the choreographer's latest, The Crossings, considers a most somber subject for what should be a happy anniversary. Taking her text from J.M. Barrie's observation that “to die will be an awfully great adventure,” Klenjoski and her troupe consider the shadowy terrain between “the end of your life and the beginning of your death.” Opening night includes a postperformance Q&A with the choreographer. Saturday's show features an anniversary gala and silent auction.

Nov. 20-21, 8 p.m., 2009