Tank & the Bangas Go Big with Big Freedia: New Orleans band Tank & the Bangas have released a new single called “Big,” bringing old friend Big Freedia along for the ride.

“This song boasts big energy from two talented New Orleans artists,” said drummer Joshua Johnson in a press release. “Tank effortlessly twists and turns lyrics at will during the verses only to open the stage for Big Freedia to join her on the hook. Anytime Tank and The Bangas and Big Freedia get together it’s a banga but this time it’s a BIG one!”

True to form, the song really is a “Banga” too. Big Freedia gets all operatic while Tank flows freely. Damn, at one point she even references MC Hammer and sounds cool doing it.

Talking to this writer two years ago, Tank described the sound as “dynamic and big.”

“It can be folk and melodic––folky, rock, hip-hop,” she said. “It literally goes through all those phases. It’s like me, like a person. You’re not the same person you were when you were 12. You grow, you change––that’s exactly what the music does. It has a spirit of its own, because we’re all contributing to it. So I just think it’s pretty dynamic and beautiful. And big.”

They certainly go big here. The video sees them in chemistry class, then in a jungle, then partying. Cue mass twerking and general dancing. It’s just a full on good time.

Tank & the Bangas Go Big with Big Freedia: The “Big” single is out now.

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