Tamra Andress on Joy-Full Entrepreneurship: “Lacking Nothing We Build”

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Marketing and entrepreneurship can be a ruthless, competitive industry. The boundaries between success and failure can be fragile and fickle, and the difference between raking in big gains and losing it all is as small as a single choice or a turn of luck. The business world can create hard hearts and grim outlooks, but one experienced marketer found herself taking things in a different direction. Tamra Andress, the author, podcaster, and messenger movement maker behind F.I.T. in Faith Press, has an uplifting method of leadership.

Tamra spent nearly two decades as the owner and operator of network marketing, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar businesses, as well as in coaching, publishing, and non-profit work before she came across the realizations that would drive her new Joy-Full perspective. “Six years ago, I started supporting big dreamers from pastors to realtors, side hustlers, and start-up entrepreneurs to strategize their businesses and launch their mission-driven companies,”  she says. As she watched their missions become real, and their dreams turn into lifestyles, she realized “that there was much more depth to the faith-driven training I was coaching them through.”

The Joy-Full Entrepreneur: Solutions, Signs and Wonders is a multi-author book from F.I.T. in Faith Press that embodies Tamra’s outlook. Coauthors include Dr. Michelle Marie Lappin, Sharayah Gonzales, Anthony Hart, Alejandra Crisafulli, Tierney Shirrel, Keith Callaway, Julianne Kirkland, Julie Kresl Richards, Kathryn Mcadam, Tamika Thomas, Marcus Ellis, Laura Hicks, Wendy Rhodes, Natalie Petroskey, Angela Bellar, and Sharon Davenport. The book is a new, uplifting take on marketing, business, and seeking success in life missions. “Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be linked to burn-out, broken homes, blaming,” she says, “Instead, it should be linked to joy and servanthood!”

Tamra’s new perspective has had plenty of time to be tested, and it’s done well for her and attracted supporters. She has three podcasts, and one of them is among the top-ranked podcasts in business and faith. Over five seasons, she’s featured business leaders and thinkers like Oprah’s life coach, Tim Storey, Heidi Powell (from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss), and pastors Bianca Otlhoff and Andrew F. Carter. Tamra has also written multiple best-selling books and coached over a thousand clients on business-building techniques.

“The root of any business,” she says, “is always the visionary leader, who requires personal development just as much as they do professional growth.” There’s a spiritual power to Tamra’s coaching, which is on full display in The Joy-Full Entrepreneur. Tamra sees the blending of faith and livelihood as a recipe for success. She hopes to inspire fellow entrepreneurs, from start-up businesses to work-from-home side hustles, to mix spirituality in business and turn it into a calling.

“Joy-full entrepreneurship isn’t a certification. It’s a lifestyle—all-encompassing and never neglecting the creator’s identity, developing messengers into movements,” says Tamra. Among the critical business areas, The Joy-Full Entrepreneur offers advice in “recognizing God’s call,” a unique first step Tamra would like to see become more common. She believes that people are too money-focused too early in the process. “It’s about stewarding our resources wisely! We all have much more than we think we have. Our gifts and talents should be intentionally utilized with ease.” In faith-based business, the calling is based on the person, not the capital investment.

Compared to most serial entrepreneurs, Tamra Andress has a dynamically different perspective on how businesses should begin. She shares this perspective with many others—among them are the many authors involved in The Joy-Full Entrepreneur. The book can be found online, as can Tamra’s other books and her podcast.

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