Guerrilla Tacos serves up some of the best tacos in the city, fantastic constructions properly stuffed with all sorts of seasonal and local ingredients (recently: squash topped with tomato chili and almonds, and a stellar grilled Dover sole taco with a serrano habanero chili that left behind a pleasant afterburn). Those tacos alone are worth the visit, but if you need another reason, consider this one: tamales.

The tamales are available occasionally on the day's menu — sometimes, topped with a fried egg — but, maybe more importantly, they're also available by the dozen from now through December. Which makes sense: Unlike fruit cake, tamales are a holiday party food everyone actually wants to eat. The tamales are stuffed with your choice of Cooks Pig Ranch pork; squash with chili and cheese; or duck.

You can put in your order at the truck or online. We're told that the tamales freeze exceptionally well, so you might want to squirrel away a few. You'll thank us come January.

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Orders will take about a week to fill, at which point you can pick up your dozen(s) at one of Guerrilla Taco's weekly truck stops at Handsome Coffee Roasters and Cognoscenti Coffee in Culver City. Which, of course, gives you an excuse to have another taco and have another cup of coffee. Happy, happy holidays.

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