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Nourished3 is a new up-and-coming skincare and wellness brand that promotes healthy and positive lifestyle changes. The brand focuses on three core principles: external care, inner nourishment, and emotional wellbeing. The founders, Annie Jaffrey and Mahmud Al Smadi are firm believers that those three factors contribute immensely to radiant skin health. Nourished3’s mission is to focus on sustainable strategies to educate people on the importance of skincare and all the confounding factors that contribute to one’s skin’s health.

Nourished3’s journey began when Annie struggled to find products and treatments to combat her skin concerns. With years of trial and error and efforts spent to understand her skin, and with the help of her partner, Mahmud, who comes with 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, they set forth to illuminate skincare through a different path to help others. Nourished3’s fundamental belief is that healthy skin extends beyond its traditional external focus; it requires to be tackled internally and externally. Annie and Mahmud have not come across any other skincare brands that focus on the internal body health that affects one’s skin health. Through their research, they have not found any other brands that take into consideration the effects of hormonal imbalance, the quality of one’s gut microbiome, stress levels, or the quality of sleep that all contribute positively and negatively towards the results of our skin health. Annie and Mahmud’s goal were to incorporate all those factors into their skincare line. Nourished3 will come with an array of products that combat dull and acne-prone skin. The brand has successfully gathered praise through the recent launch of their Clarify and Brighten Face mask in September of 2020.

Nourished3’s overall goal is to positively impact people’s lives by providing a wide range of products and services to promote and ensure healthy skin. Annie and Mahmud’s long-term plan for their brand is to develop an industry-changing approach to true skin health by creating products and services that work to support this.

Being a new and independent brand with limited resources, Nourished3 has diverted its focus to time management and financial resources for future product developments and expansion. When asked for advice for new and coming entrepreneurs looking to venture out or take a leap of faith, Annie emphasized the importance of a fiery passion and creating to the best of your abilities, leaving no stone unturned. That passion and excellence are the elements that will translate into the distinction that will set you apart from others and your competitors. Also, Annie stressed the importance of remaining true to one’s self- that will allow for your brand’s authenticity. She believes that listening to your inner voice and pursuing your passion beyond societal parameters are all that will define your success.

Nourished3 products can be found on https://nourished3.com and on Cult Beauty, a UK-based online retailer, with plans of selling at Sephora soon.

You can find out more about Nourished3 on https://nourished3.com/ and Instagram

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