OK so you get the lucky girl to agree to a date, but the next issue to tackle is where this date will take place.

The last place to which you want to invite her is a stuffy or posh restaurant. Imagine sitting opposite her with 10 different table items in your way, candles, flowers, glasses bottles etc. – and of course an over-attentive waiter butting in every 10 seconds asking if you want your glass refilled.

If you want to take her on a night-time date, then the best venues to choose are the busy noisy places. A lot of guys think that this will cause a problem, making it hard to hear each other. But I say use this as your advantage!

Instead of sitting opposite each other as you would in a formal restaurant, you can instead use the crowding and high volume as a great excuse to sit side by side, which is far more intimate and close. The venue's high-energy vibe will keep those awkward or uncomfortable silences to a minimum.

If you decide to take her on a date during the day, try meeting up around noon, take her for a coffee and then suggest going for a walk (pick a nice area). By the time you have walked and chatted and gotten to know each other, you'll both likely feel hungry which will lead to a spontaneous lunch smoothly.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Girls LOVE spontaneity.]

It is also a good idea to go somewhere that you are familiar with, a place where you might bump into people you know. This will give the impression that you're cool, popular and in demand – women tend to be watchful of this, and always find it an attractive quality.

If you don't know of any particularly cool places to go to, try picking a venue that has a particular theme. This can be used as a focal point in the early stages of the conversation (which usually is the most difficult part) – but whatever the venue, make sure it's not quiet or too formal….

…or too expensive! Never take a girl to an over-priced restaurant even if you have the money! This is a good way to suss out the gold diggers or the girls looking to find a guy just to take her out to nice places. (There are loads of girls like this.)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: And for the gals who aren't out for a fat wallet, being taken out to an expensive meal on the first date might leave an awkward impression that there might be expectations later – regardless of whether or not you feel that way. Keeping a nice balance will make both parties more comfortable, which in turn will lead to a more successful first date.]

Picking a reasonably priced venue for a first date also will prevent you from feeling you've burnt a hole in your wallet!

Splitting the check is more common nowadays, sure, but on a first date most women still equate being taken out with good manners and chivalry – and some women find splitting the check on the first day/night out to be rude and unattractive.

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