Though she's best known for representing man-star libido victims such as Amber Frey (mistress of wife-killer Scott Peterson) and both Joslyn James and Rachel Uchitel (quenchers of Tiger Woods' infamous addiction), attorney Gloria Allred called a press conference yesterday to show off her more sensitive side.

It seems Allred has done some soul cleansing as of late. First there was client Nicky Diaz, the undocumented maid preyed upon by evil employer Meg Whitman. Now, it's a good-old-fashioned “I can't believe you industry scoundrels are cashing in on my tragic plight” case for the ages:

At her Miracle Mile-area office yesterday, two true-life characters from upcoming Hilary Swank saga “Conviction” asked the Hollywood gods (er, the producers of the film, whether or not they were listening) why they had not been consulted before the story of their mother's murder was made into a movie.

Could Allred's new leaf have anything to do with the “Saturday Night Live” parody that aired last week?

Comedian and UCLA alumna Nasim Pedrad impersonated the she-devil. When asked, “Tell me Gloria, has a more disgusting creature than yourself ever walked the face of the earth?”, she answers:

“Wow, a lot of good questions tonight. I don't know the answer, Kevin. I suppose, since man in his present form has been around for about 250,000 years, there must have been somebody, but I really can't say for sure.”

Ouch. Not sure even a tearjerker like the “Conviction” case can bounce Allred back from that one.

LA Weekly