Like most people with a clue about exotic cannabis, we’re big Alien Labs fans here at L.A. Weekly, they even won our most recent cannabis contest in 2019 at Coachella, and likely would have been competitive last year has things not gone south in March.

For our second edition of The Garden Glance, we take a look at some of Alien Labs’ most popular strains through the lens of Chewberto420



Last week we smoked some Atomic Apple in a grape Backwoods from Israel. It’s safe to say it was another religious experience courtesy of the Holy Land.


In all seriousness, Atomic Apple is probably the nicest second-generation thing we’ve seen in the Apple Movement after the original Apple Fritter kicked off the excitement. The blend of Triangle Mints and Apple Fritter will likely be among the best cannabis you’ve ever tasted, even without exotic Israeli Backwoods.


Don’t let the other folks out there confuse you, the Milky Way of note in cannabis is Zkittlez x Wedding Cake. Ever since the first drop, Milky Way has been one of the most coveted things on the planet, nevermind in an Alien Labs’ jar.


We are very pro Xeno here at L.A. Weekly. Kush Mints and Zkittlez are two of our favorite strains in recent years. As expected, their offspring is top of the food chain heat.


The Sherbacio crop at full blast.

alienaug 2061

Sherbacio on the home stretch before harvest.


One of the stars of the past couple of years, Area 41 is a delightful pairing of Alien Labs’ famous old school OG cut and the Gelato #41 that put the strain back on the map after its initial hype wave early in the 2010s.


Some fresh Sherbacio before it heads straight to the freezer or off to dry in preparation for final manicuring.

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