Paging Dr. Benway … paging Dr. Benway — yes, you'll need a visit by William S. Burroughs' pathologically illogical doctor by the time the Naked Lunch Marathon Reading is through. There'll be scheduled readers as well as chances for those who just show up to read passages out loud; this isn't one of those “sit down and keep it to yourself” kind of reads. Moderated by activist and poet Richard Modiano, the sign-ups start on the Beyond Baroque Web site for this, the final day of a three-day series of celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of the publication of Burroughs' obscene and sensational novel Naked Lunch. There's a lovely new slipcase edition published by Grove Press, its vision restored and supervised by Burroughs confidants James Grauerholz and Barry Miles, with an afterword by L.A. Times Book Review editor David Ulin.

Sat., Dec. 5, noon, 2009

LA Weekly