The Eastsider L.A. has one of those truly only-in-L.A. stories about irresistible forces colliding with unmovable objects. The former in this case is the city, in its attempts, under neighborhood pressure, to move the latter — a Tacos Arizas catering truck that's become anchored to one Echo Park residential location. In the past, writes the Eastsider, the city would issue parking citations to ensure that semi-permanent trucks would scoot around a bit. Last year a judge thoughtfully overturned that law and since then some Logan Street residents have been fuming because of late-night noise and trash. The truck owner didn't want to lose his favored spot though, especially if another truck were to move in his place.

Turns out City Council President Eric Garcetti has been engaging in “taco truck diplomacy:”

“Negotiations were set up involving Council District 13, LAPD, the truck owners and the Asociacion de Loncheros,” the blog reports, with the result is that the truck has moved to a commercial stretch a block away, where it is still visible to those seeking it at Sunset Boulevard and Logan.

Potential crises loom, however, as the truck is now a little closer to some restaurants. You can't please everyone, though, and at least a standoff has been ended without calling in Bill Clinton.

LA Weekly