Once upon a time, there were people who liked good food. Then they became “foodies.” And now those people are an entire demographic that the giants of industrial food desperately want to capture. People are talking about you – a lot – in board meetings and the results are frightening. 

Enter U.S. Taco Co., a new concept from Taco Bell that aims to cater to an audience that wouldn't usually eat at Taco Bell. It's an audience willing to pay more for food, who want a better atmosphere, and who take pictures of their food. No, really – part of the idea is to serve food that specifically will look good on Instagram. The look of the place is also supposed to be photogenic – renderings of the restaurant show brightly colored tile walls and bright pink Day of the Dead-themed imagery.

The first U.S. Taco Co. is set to open in Huntington Beach, with a second location in the works for L.A. If all goes well, the concept could go national. 
So what will this colorful new restaurant be serving? Philly cheesesteak tacos and Mexican car bomb milkshakes. And fried chicken dinner tacos drizzled in gravy. (“S.O.B gravy”: South of the border … get it?? So witty!!) Senior brand manager Jeff Jenkins tells AdAge that the food truck fusion scene has inspired them to come up with these horrible ideas. So basically, you can blame Roy Choi for this. 

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They'll also serve fries, which you'll be able to get with as-yet-undisclosed toppings. There will be about ten tacos available, plus fries, plus boozy shakes at the L.A. location (Huntington Beach will not have alcohol).

The name, which includes “and urban taproom” in the logo, also suggests that beer will be involved. Although who knows? Maybe their market research just showed “taproom” to be a word that the hip kids like. 

Look for the first location of U.S. Taco Co. this summer. Or, you know, don't.

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