It is with great sadness and consternation that I must report this news: Taco Bell is releasing a biscuit taco. 

The biscuit taco joins Taco Bell's other forays into breakfast foods, which began this past March and include such atrocities items as the waffle taco and dough balls that ooze Cinnabon icing. Now, after testing in Texas and Atlanta, Taco Bell has brought biscuit tacos to Los Angeles and Orange County.


The biscuit taco, much like the waffle taco, is a taco with a shell made out of a buttermilk biscuit. It comes with a variety of fillings: sausage, egg and cheese or bacon, egg and cheese. Or “traditional flavors of the South” — chicken with country gravy or chicken with honey. There's also a jalapeño-honey sauce you can get on your chicken biscuit taco (pictured above). 

As if that wasn't enough, Taco Bell is also releasing new “A.M. crunchwraps,” appealing to our sense of state pride by calling one the California crunch wrap and filling it with bacon, hash browns, eggs, guacamole, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo. There's also one without the California stuff and with breakfast gravy. 

All of this calls into question the very nature of a taco, and at what point a taco ceases being a taco. Is a taco just a taco because it's shaped like a taco? In that case, aren't some gyro-type things actually tacos? And some Asian buns? Where does it all end? Who am I? Why do we exist? 

You can find biscuit tacos in some L.A. stores. Breakfast crunchwraps will be available everywhere nationally in October. 

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