Straddling the edge between feminism and sexism, compassion and hedonism, a group cheekily named the Eagle Rock Yacht Club is hosting a “Ta-Ta Tournament” of the Dodgeball variety, where the dodgeballs are resemble breasts and the after-party resembles an after-party.

Now, before you yell pigs!, consider:

It's all in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness month. That's right, the funny name, drinking and tossable boobies has a cause.

Media prank? No, we think this is real, even though the Yacht Club's website splashes you with this message:

Did you know:


Yeah, neither did we until our Google search took a detour.

A smaller-print disclaimer then says “This event … is not intended to make anyone uncomfortable or make light of a serious disease.”


Shades of San Diego's raunchy Over the Line tournament if you ask us. The press release (from a reputable publicist):

… The event will feature a sure-to-be memorable dodgeball tournament (custom dodgeballs resembling breasts included!) followed by libations, a live raffle, food trucks and more at Verdugo Bar… all in the name of happy, healthy breasts.

Perfectly healthy, perfectly normal. Teams are urged to sign up and show up in themed costumes.

And the end of the said breast throwing, the balls will be auctioned off in the name of breast cancer prevention (Keep a Breast Foundation — really), and everyone will get drunk at Verdugo Bar. They hope to raise $5,000 (that, at least, would seem match the night's bar revenue).

It all happens Sunday at the Glassell Park Recreation Center (then Verdugo Bar).

Wear padding.



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