A clip of T.I. from his expediTIously podcast resurfaced online this week with the Atlanta rapper sharing a peculiar story. On the Aug. 6, 2020 episode, T.I. revealed that back before he made it to the big time, him and his cousin Toot were stopped by the cops following an incident at a mall. The cops found a gun on T.I., and while it looked like T.I. would be facing a gun charge, Toot died during the course of the trial, prompting T.I.’s lawyer to suggest T.I. pin the gun on Toot. T.I. did, and the gun charge went away.

This admission caused some eyebrows to be raised online, to say the least — was it shrewd calculated move he should be commended for? Or was it snitch behavior?

It’s a hard call. Do the rules against snitching apply to your dead cousin? Maybe if you have their blessing. And thankfully for T.I., he didn’t face an ethical quandary because he indeed did have his cousin’s blessing. Or so he claims —

“I had a talk with Toot, after he had passed, I had a talk with him. [Toot said,] ‘I’ll take all the charges you got. If you can walk away free, and put it on me, you goddamn right! Cuz I’ll be damn if they could come and motherfucken’ extradite me from here! If they can come here, and serve me a warrant, they doing damn good!'”

T.I. follows this hilarious tidbit with the claim that it was the only time he gave up, ratted or snitched on anyone.

The clip came within a conversation about previous snitching accusations the Atlanta rapper faced regarding two incidents. In the first, a 2006 conflict resulted in the shooting death of T.I.’s good friend Philant Johnson, reports Hip Hop Wired. Tip took the stand as a witness in the ensuing trial. The second stems from another weapons bust against T.I. in Oct. 2007, which resulted in the rapper making a Crime Stoppers Atlanta video, encouraging witnesses of crimes to to come forward:

Regarding the dead cousin, the consensus online seems to be with T.I.

On No Jumper’s post on the topic, many of the top comments commended the Machiavellian move, with user Adverseddie stating, “Y’all cap af if you say you wouldn’t do this,” and user Bugzronin, seconding with, “If im Dead .. SNITCH on me !! Least i can do for my bruddas”

“That’s what his homie would have wanted anyway. I see nothing wrong with what TIP did. Y’all would respect him more if he did life in prison? Lol,” stated user Rapnerd_.

In the podcast episode, Tip also shares some fun asides, including of a scheme to steal from Home Depot by using business account number.

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