This week we told you about how the DEA is essentially outlawing the synthetic pot known as K2 and Spice.

A commenter who claims to represent an online retailer of Spice says no big: Makers are churning out new “blends” as we speak, with recipes that will sidestep the DEA's ban on the chemicals that make up current K2 and Spice products.

And he says the products will be ready in time for Black Friday.

Our commenter of the day, Randy, writes:

Rest in peace? Are you kidding me. Our store has already ordered the two K2 blends that are not impacted by this ban in any way. We should have them in on Friday and will be running a DEA ban special on the daythe ban goes into effect.

Check out K2 Sky and K2 Sex. They can be found through any K2Verified Retailer

Now that's what we call holiday shopping. Of course, in L.A. you can get some of the good “kind” — real, deal bud — legally (if you pretend to be sick).

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