Between its two stages, the black lung lounge in the venerable Emo's is wallpapered with some of the most grotesque, eye-popping and wonderfully weird graphic art, all chronicling the club's history. Here are the Top Ten Wackiest Gig Posters at SXSW's Emo's:

10. Sugar Shack and other bands

9. High on Fire and other bands

8. Unsane and the club's favorite band, the Fuckemos

7. Comic Neil Hamburger and others

6. 7 Year Bitch and other bands

5. Pinback

4. Dixie Witch and others

3. Gay Sportscasters and others

2. Motards and others

And the #1 Wackiest Gig Poster at SXSW's Emo's is…

1. Crust & Semen? Rock Hudson in rolling in his grave.

LA Weekly