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Matthew McConaughey may not be the first person you think of when it comes to SXSW. However, when he's not just L-I-V-I-N, the Hollywood romantic broski actor also shacks up in Austin, Texas where he runs his record label called… wait for it… j.k. livin records (yes, it's all lowercase). So, needless to say, when L.A. Weekly ran into McConaughey at a SXSW Emo's showcase featuring Year Long Disaster, Mariachi El Bronx, Dillinger Escape Plan, Nas and Damian Marley, and She Wants Revenge, the last thing we expected was to have the dude turn out to be anything but a supporter of music. We got schooled. Here's how it went down:

While watching El Bronx — the softer, mariachi-suit wearing version of L.A. punk band The Bronx — we noticed McConaughey lingering by the Emo's bar and appearing to enjoy himself, indoor sunglasses-at-night and all. After the band's set we thought we'd ask the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star if he'd take a photo with Jorma from El Bronx as part of our coverage of the showcase. You know, showing support of the bands he's there to watch and all. L.A. Weekly politely introduced ourselves and our publication with said request but McConaughey would have none of it.

“What do you want?” McConaughey asked.

“To take a photograph with you and the band you just watched on stage.”

“No, I'm good, thanks.”

“So you won't take a photo with the band?”

“What band?”

“Mariachi El Bronx… you just watched them perform.”

“No, I'm fine. I'll take a picture with a person or band I know but that's it.”

“Um, ok. So you're here supposedly supporting the music tonight but you won't take a photo with the band you just watched?”

“No, I'm good.”

Yeah, that's how it went down. El Bronx's Jorma had this to say: “I can't believe he's even wearing a shirt right now.”

Jorma from Mariachi El Bronx on stage at Emo's; Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Jorma from Mariachi El Bronx on stage at Emo's; Credit: Shannon Cottrell

When mogul celebs come to a SXSW showcase knowing they're going to be in the public eye and flat-out shun the same artists they're supposedly there to support, what does that say about SXSW? Does that mean SXSW has lost something?

“No,” Jorma said. “That just means Matthew McConaughey has kept his reputation of being the best douche ever.”

Verdict: Forget Sandra Bullock, somebody give McConaughey an Academy Award because it must take a lot of acting skill to come across so affable and charming on camera when in person he's anything but. Does my ego make me look fat? J.K!

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