As a 30-something grown up woman who still keeps her babyhood teddy within reach at all times (despite bawl baths, matted and pilled fur and a loose plastic eye, he’s aged quite well!) we definitely understand the joy and comfort a soft n’ fuzzy creature can provide. Stuffed and plush animals and dolls evoke innocence, nostalgia and crafty cool -and something else entirely (“plushy and furry” fetishists actually find ‘em a turn-on). But whether they’re classically cute, unconventionally quirky ( ie “Ugly Dolls”) or just plain weird, they always beg to be touched.

Keeping your hands off of the adorable pieces exhibited at Super Plush, Ghetto Gloss Gallery's current art show curated by Mr. Funky’s Narumi Agawa, will be tough, but its ridiculous cuteness is so fun to look at, it's worth the restraint. Or, just buy a couple to take home and squeeze away all ya want…

Mr. Funky

Enjoy this little lookee at the sweet handmade lovies below and see more of the collection here. And check out Mr. Funky’s fashionably cozy creations (we heart the knit hats) or learn how to make the Amigurumi (Japanese for crochet dolls) style toys and stylish wares yourself in Nagwa’s book, “Super Crochet Wonderful,” all available here.


Rock Scissor Paper


Heidi Kenney


Wanna really get to the knitty gritty? LA's coolest crochet house, Atwater Village's The Little Knittery (where Ogawa has taught classes), has weekly instruction including a class this Sunday that’ll teach ya how to needle up this sweet Halloween bat. It's not one of Ogawa's, but it's still pretty fly.

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