We eat his body, drink his blood, and lick his sweet, creamy vanilla frosting. Here are 18 depictions of Christ on a cake. Not as damnable as the Star Wars nativity scenes, but pretty close. Sacrilicious!

18. The 7 Layers of Hell Cake

Usually, strippers bust out of cakes, but why shouldn't God? Via the blog of an Episcopal priest who is also a “baseball fan, obituary watcher, reader and procrastinator.”

17. Happy 2010th-ish Birthday Jesus Cake

Says the baker, Stephanie Burke, “I don't bake more than twice a year, but when I do, I feel like it counts.”

16. Lamb Of God Cake

Hmm…not sure I like the way Shepherd Jesus is looking at that lamb. Or is that a cat? Via Margaret's Workshop.

15. Crown of Thorns Cake

Nice job on the detailed thorns, but how about we work on the baby a bit? Via Christian Nightmares. Just tell me it's chocolate.

14. Sweet Jesus, It's Your Birthday Concept Cake

This one's still in the planning stage. Looks photoshopped. Via Dr. Jim's Thinking Shop.

13. M&M's For God's Colorblindness Cake

Reminiscent of those tests for colorblindness. Not a problem. Jesus loves everyone, the sick and the hale. Via Josh Chelsea Hudson's blog.

12. Walking On Water Cake

At first I was like, why is Jesus at the beach? Then I was like, Oh. Jesus is at the beach. Parting the waves. Walking on water. Drinking beer. Kicking it with a flamingo…huh? Via Darwin Central.

11. Leeches for Jesus Cake

They do, too, look like leeches. And that little rodent creature by the side looks like a guinea pig. Via Tom Howat on Flickr.

10. Yay! Jesus! Cake!

Baker Courtney Awesome says, “The cross came off a bit in the car but this is one pretty little Jesus cake!!”

9. Glow Worm of God Cake

Who's a little glow worm? Whooo's a cute little glow worm? Yesh you are. Via Easy Birthday Cakes.

8. Formal Baby Shower Masquerading As Funeral Cross Cake

Both fetal and chilling. I agree with the blogger from IH8Religion who says, “This is a baby shower cake. It looks like a baby funeral cake, no?”

7. Tiny Baby Jesus With Cupcake Sheep

Cupcakes as sheep. Brilliant! Via Sophisticakes GA.

6. Jesus Riding Falcor Cake

This is just awesome. If anyone should ride Falcor, it's Jesus. Photo via Sharpenedlight.

5. Crucifixion Cake…With Candles

Baked by Yevgenya Chityan. Red velvet cake with chocolate mascarpone frosting. Note the candle spikes into his hands and feet. He looks sad. Though, of course he would.

4. I'll Be Back Cake

You can say that again. Via Nelliz88.

3. Raptor Jesus, The Cake

Ah, good old Raptor Jesus meme strikes again.

2. Marzipan Jesus On A Devil's Food Cake Cross

Crucified, again. Photo via Horrorbatmeph. It was for someone's birthday. “Sacrilicious!” says the photographer. Haha.

1. Bring Me The Head of The Son of God Cake

This cake was for painter Korin Faught's birthday. Photo on right shot by Savanna Snow. Yup. Someone's totally going to hell.

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