Child actors suck. Child pop stars? Even worse. Child microbiologists? Don't get me started.

But there's only one species of the under 11 set that would be worthy of joining the West Coast Sound School of Brutal: lil' metal heads!

That's right, those head-banging, guitar-shredding badolescents whose massive jams kick you right in the ovaries with a heavy dose of killer cute.

In honor of Brutal Tuesday, We here at West Coast Sound have assembled some of our favorite aspiring metalheads who got some serious chops and put the rad in grade school.

Check them out:

If you've seen kids who are 40% more brutal than these whippersnappers, let us know in the comments. Thanks!

Jonah, 5 years old.

Yuto Miyazawa, 8 years old during this performance.

4 years later and the Gauchos still rule. Super brutal thrasher in pink too.

Ok, she may not bust out the most brutal blast beats ever. But her shirt is super kitty brutal.

Finally, Children of Bodom, played by a child:


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